Changing Careers

Women in Business

Many women are changing their long-term careers and starting to pursue the type of work they have always dreamed about and have a passion for – striking out on their own.  We all take jobs that might be good but are not necessarily passionate about them.  Changing your lifestyle and your career is a dramatic undertaking. It’s hard sometimes to leave the nice comfy job and start out on a new scary adventure – the one we have always dreamed of doing for years.

This new passionate life-changing adventure will excite us and consumes our thoughts completely as we eat, sleep, and work. This new strong interest cultivates a desire in us to succeed at our dream job making us happier then ever.

For instance, I have a friend who has always wanted to be a French chef and own her own little restaurant where she would decide the daily menu according to the fresh meats and vegetables at the market that day. She has a prominent job but has no passion for it because it takes her away from home much of the time.  Being disillusioned by the corporate world she is starting to toy with leaving her job and following her dream of owning her own French restaurant. When she talks about it her excitement and energy is simply unmistakable – and following her passion and dreams is where her true happiness lies.

Women entrepreneurs are a gutsy and adventuresome crowd.  It is a fact that more women start their own businesses than men do today.  Women are greater risk takers and follow their hearts as well as their brains – and this is an unbeatable combination. These women entrepreneurs learn from each other as they use networking and mentoring as key tools in helping them get started.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams and change careers doing the things you have dreamt about for years but never had the push to actually start.  If you never try and start your dream career, years from now you will always wonder “what if”. Life is too short not to fulfill your dreams and aspirations making you even happier then you imagined.


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