Shop your Closet – Fashion Tips for Dressing for Less In Style

Has the economy put your clothes budget in a crunch? Dress stylishly at a fraction of the
cost by shopping in your own closet. Create new designer outfits by redesigning the ones
you have.
Revamping your wardrobe is fun, exciting, and easy especially by learning a few “how
to” techniques to create your own new and trendy style in a matter of a few hours. There
are certain elements that will make your fashion makeover transition easier. Organize,
discard, and keep while accessorizing your anchor pieces, double duty pieces, and
making small purchases to complete your wardrobe.

Organize, Discard and Keep-Sorting out the Good Stuff

Organize first by going through your closet; pull and hang all your skirts, pants, dresses,
etc. together to see how many you have of each kind and color. I always have a few
favorites that I love which I call my “Timeless Pieces”. These pieces never go out of
style and they always look chic/casual anytime.
Discard the clothes you haven’t worn in the last year and a half or that no longer fit you.
If you need to hang on to nice clothes that you might wear in the next year due to weight
loss or gain, just simply store them away. Go through the same process with your shoes
and discard outdated or worn shoes that can comprise your entire look.
Donate your old clothes to a worthy cause or organization. Many organizations would
love to have your old clothes such as This women’s
organization helps disadvantaged women dress professionally for new careers.
Keep your anchor and other favorite pieces of apparel that you really can’t live without
and remember to keep your “Timeless Clothing Pieces” as well –they will always serve
you as a classy back up collection.
Once, you have gone through all your clothes and decided what to discard or keep you
should have about half of your closet free.
Clothing Essentials-Anchor Pieces
Anchor pieces are the core pieces of clothing that you build your wardrobe completely around. These essential pieces consist of:

  •   one dressy black dress
  •   two skirts of varied colors/lengths
  •   three cami tops of assorted colors
  •   one dressy/causal jacket-cropped/peplum
  •   one pair of dressy jeans
  •   two pair of pants
  •   three blouses/shirts-one white
  •   two kinds of sweaters -swing /cardigan
  •   three sets of gorgeous lingerie (nice undergarments are essential)

Pulling your Clothing Pieces Together
Pairing, Layering, Double Duty Pieces, and Accessories
Now, is the time your creative nature starts to flow. Begin by pulling your anchor pieces
and other clothing you kept together designing your own personal look.

  • Transform that little black dress from dressy to sexy to classy in minutes.
  • Add a contrasting jacket or a white chiffon wrap for dressy suave attire.
  • Add a wide belt with a piece of unique jewelry/pearls for a classic charm.
  • Add a pair of sophisticated heels and a studded two tone bag for dazzle.

Shirts, blouses, camis, skirts, and pants can be interchanged in several different styles
allowing your clothes makeover to take various avenues of expressions.

  • Mix and match your article of clothing with favorite anchor pieces and use as double duty redefining your own style that fits your personality.
  • Visualizing helps most us connect to an idea or a concept. This video emphasizes adding the right apparel pieces to your already existing
    clothing creating a dramatic transformation.

> A comfortable mix/match combo is a favorite skirt and bold blouse accented with a wide TasselMe belt lending its way to comfortable but poised style.

  • Add a tunic sweater or jacket for a professional smart look for everyday
    business attire.
  • Now for an after hours style, add black pants with a shoe change and a long striking necklace to draw attention to your put together silhouette and
    be ready for dinner out.

> A flirty look can come together wearing a trendy skirt and cami. Add a blouse over the cami. Gather and tie the ends of the blouse in a knot at the waistline. Add
fishnets for a flirtatious sweet look.

  • Need sleekness? Substitute pants instead of the skirt offering a perfect tailor-made image.

>Go casual with this same fashionable style by losing the blousy layered look and
adding a wide belt giving you a form fitting appearance. Depending on the length
of the blouse, the belt can be fitted at the waist or hung loosely on the hips.

  • Now, add a jacket or sweater and instead of accessorizing with jewelry, add a scarf to the neckline for a subtle chic look.

If you’re a jean girl, there are so many versatile ways to dress your outfit up or down
using your flattering anchor pieces. Jeans can be worn with your favorite tee or classy
blouse giving you an arsenal of totally different looks from causal to fashionable.

Accessories are the secret that makes jeans look so diverse and fresh. Go casual with a tshirt
but make sure you have a real cute one, along with a stand-out belt. Wear clusters of
bracelets and trendy necklaces or a scarf around the neck to emphasis your individual
Then switch it up.
Design a dressier look with a jacket or swing style sweater and heels. Now, to complete
the sophisticated jean ensemble wear a fabulous piece of jewelry covering most of the
open neckline, then simply make the outfit over the top by wearing a cute hat.

Purchase Extra Clothing Pieces
Look over your new wardrobe and if you lack that extra glam or pizzazz that finishes the
look then purchase those items you need or want. Looking for trendy? Check out
clothing sites like or for a classic style browse sites like Now, for fabulous accessories try for a fresh and
currently fashionable look. Lastly, remember to wear beautiful lingerie underneath those
new classy and casual creations. There is nothing in the world that makes a woman feel
sexier and confident then well-fitted gorgeous lingerie.

Most importantly, the new you will be stunningly chic wearing your awe-inspiring
tailored originals. With a few fashion tips any women can feel more poised and selfassured
creating an entire wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. The secret to remember is to
have fun designing your new look.


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