Women of the 21st Century

Picture this!  An independent woman of today’s society, a woman with dreams and ambition, smart and innovative is passed over for the promotion of a lifetime because of the way she dresses.  Sounds unfair?  Let’s be honest, you can’t seal negotiations, tie up that business deal, or introduce a new idea if you present yourself as amateurish. Even though you’re well-qualified, being taken seriously is challenging if you present yourself as unprofessional by the clothes or styles you wear.

First impressions count…sad but true.

Your clothes have a direct correlation to how others see the quality of your work. Regardless of how professional you are, poor clothing choices have a psychological effect, creating the illusion of poor job performance.

But I’m not saying you have to wear stuffy uninteresting clothing at all.

The way a woman dresses says volumes to everyone she encounters. Her fashions express “who she is.”  The right apparel transforms and portrays her as the confident, independent and sell-reliant individual she needs to be to deal with life’s daily demands.

Word_press_women_work_attire_co copy

Select attire that expresses your personality – sophisticated, stylish, and professional.

Historically, women have been the backbone of our country without the glory or recognition.  Well, that is changing.  Whether you’re a mom, college student or career professional – dressing the part is a huge part of the formula required to be taken seriously. On a personal note, the way a woman dresses or presents herself gives her more self-esteem and confidence, while on a professional level, her chic corporate style gives her an edge to compete in today’s environment with a new-found sense of boldness, confidence and self-reliance.

Did you know?  Women now own 50% of the private companies in the U.S. (Private companies also have a fair share of female CEO’s.)  That means 1/3 of the U.S. jobs are generated by women! These women skillfully manage their businesses extremely well, besides taking care of all their other responsibilities – family, outside organizations, soccer practice, etc.

You’re thinking, “Ok – how can I change my situation and achieve my dreams?”  Simple. Start this amazing transformation by surrounding yourself with colleagues and friends that are positive, experienced, and have your best interest at heart. Such individuals will encourage you to set higher goals and begin to make those changes in your life that will set you on your way to bigger and better things. (Keep your distance from negative individuals – they will sap your mojo.)

As far as style goes, give your business clothing a dramatic twist. Pick a power jacket with striking high-style sleeves or a wool jacket with leather trim. Pair it with a chic silk skirt, a polished necklace and watch, along with a pair of leather high-heel booties. Yes, wearing attractive leather booties are perfect for the office when coordinated with the right outfit. 

Unleash the power within! Be inspired, positive, and simply beautiful by becoming the woman you know is within.  The way you dress and present yourself reflects the caliber of your work, how you think of yourself, and will attract opportunities, choices, and a wonderful sense of freedom into your life.


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