Urban Glamour – The New Fall/Winter Look for 2012/2013

Changing seasons means changing wardrobes.  I just love this time of the year.  Aren’t you excited when the cool weather approaches and the Holiday season is rapidly coming upon us.  It’s the perfect time of the year to start planning for family gatherings, travel, and of course, changing and/or adding to our own chic style.

The beautiful Fall/Winter season always takes me back to a warm cozy fireplace, a brisk walk and wonderfully luxurious sweaters and sleek boots.  The colors and styles this season are one of sophistication and classic beauty.  Warm, vivid shades in textures of lace, fur, and suede are elegantly taking center stage.  These fun elements allow a woman to have that self-confident pulled-together look every day, whether she is dropping off the kids, or at work, or that meeting or date at the coffee shop.

You’ll love the glamorous styles even if you’re not a glam kind-of-gal. I call it Urban Glamour!  It has the look and feel that fits everyone’s personality, style, and shape – flattering and accentuating your best features.  The thing that I really enjoy most about this season’s collection is its accessories and their ability to change a look in minutes.  You can dress any piece of clothing up or down, classy or casual, western or hip with fur boots, snazzy scarves, fishnet hose, and breathtaking jewelry.

How awesome and chic is the jewelry this Fall, dripping with crystals, leopard designs, and tribal beads in bold statement pieces that sparkle, shimmer, and shine – adding a twinkle in your eye and pizzazz to your step.  An excellent way to spark up last year’s fashions.  Change or update any of your old favorite’s styles instantly with a little glimmer and glam.

Come enjoy the elegant styles, soft textures, and warm shades of color this season.  Wear a little of that Urban Glamour in your daily style and watch your whole persona go from uninspired to totally chic.


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