Elegant Copywriting is an Art

Truly elegant fashion and beauty copywriters are a rare breed.  Anyone can write good copy, but only a creative style copywriter knows how to add a touch of elegance that not only fixes a thought in the reader’s mind, but gives them a feeling of pleasure every time they think of it.

Businesses and retail companies just love the way we take their products/services and actually bring them to life with a “virtual touching” style of writing.

Need copy that touches your senses, leaves you captivated and increases your sales … then we should talk. 

Please send all info and inquiries using the Contact Form.  I shall be happy to return your email or call shortly concerning your exciting writing projects.

Fields of Expertise: Fashion, beauty, luxury goods, lifestyles, home decor, culinary, designer products, but also comfortable writing for general business domestically or internationally.

Specialty Skills: Copywriting, web content, product descriptions, emotional copy, e-commerce, social media, magazine articles, creative writing, branding, ad copy, newsletters, SEO, trade shows and manager’s skills.


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