Romantic Ideas for your Valentine

Here are a few unique ideas that will make your sweetheart feel specially loved on Valentine’s Day. Part of being romantic is also being thoughtful of each other.  Try these well thought out ideas to make it a real “sweet heart” day.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan! First make reservations at the most romantic restaurant to ensure your perfect evening starts off well. (Sound familiar?  But wait, there’s more!) Pre-arrange a bouquet or a single stem flower, a piece of jewelry or a surprise getaway trip for two to be on the table when you arrive. Now, for him – have waiting a bottle of his favorite wine, a framed photo of the two of you or also a surprise trip for you both.
  • Make a date to spend the evening dancing in each others arms.
  •  Have a Spa-Date. Make reservations at your favorite spa for a lavish couples massage with champagne and chocolates.
  •  Spend V-Day at home with a romantic candlelit dinner just the two of you and watch your favorite movies.
  •  Take your sweetheart back to the place you first met. Surprise her with a selection from the gorgeous intimate collection.
  • Make a date to spend the evening at your favorite hotel – but wait! Before you arrive have the concierge run the bath infused with rose petals, champagne chilled on the night stand, and romantic matching lingerie on the rose-petal covered bed.
  • Take a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to a place neither of you have been before. Last minutes fares can be great if your flexible!
  • Important! Shop and make arrangement way in advance. Don’t be one of those late planners trying to get things together on February 13th. It’s bad luck.

Whatever your plans, make the day special by falling in love all over again – watch for our next blog “Lady in Red Turning Heads”.


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